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The pleasure of a genuine and tasty Italian meal, through recipes with a contemporary appearance yet coherent with traditional flavors


We aim to meet our clients' dietary and food requirements, so anyone can be delighted with our exquisite Italian dishes

Healthy & Sustainable

By following the Mediterranean diet and using raw materials respectful of the environment, our menu ensures a balanced supply of macronutrients

Quick & Simple

Alfresco provides an authentic Italian meal to anyone seeking a genuine, delicious ready-to-enjoy food offer, to be consumed anytime anywhere

Our Philosophy

Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our planet. One third of greenhouse gas emissions depend on livestock, agriculture, food processing, packaging and shipping systems. This is why a food revolution is compelling and necessary.

We are what we eat and what we eat can change the world. The Italian gastronomic culture can be considered as the highest expression of the Mediterranean-style eating, a nutritional approach kind to the body and to the planet. Recognized by FAO as a cultural heritage for humanity and a sustainable food model with low environmental impact, the Mediterranean diet contributes to lower the risk of diseases and to benefit a healthful way of eating for present and future generations.

Our team  follows a healthy, sustainable and innovative lifestyle, as we believe that change begins with each individual's behavior. Our challenge is to share with the rest of the world an healthy and balanced way of eating, respectful of the planet.