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Who We Are

Alfresco is a community, born with the aim of changing the world, where every member can participate in the change by promoting a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle

Our Mission

Alfresco is the first authentic Italian ghost kitchen in the world, created to satisfy anyone seeking Italy's authentic taste and flavors without compromising on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Our story

We live in a globalized world and in almost every country we can taste a variety of cuisines from other corners of the planet. Italian food is among the most known and loved cuisine on Earth. However, very often Italian recipes are adjusted and served according to old stereotypes, which do not adapt to modern habits and a healthy lifestyle. Alfresco’s menu aims to respect Italian traditions and flavors while providing a modern and healthy twist, using genuine and sustainable ingredients according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet. We designed it to satisfy any dietary need and food requirement, and to deliver a genuine Italian meal to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere

Our Vision

We want to overcome the old stereotypes about Italian food abroad and propose healthy meal that adapts to new lifestyles. Following the Mediterranean diet, we want to make the planet a better place for everyone, combining nutrition and ecology through a healthy and sustainable food model